2019 Student Travel Awards

The STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD provides travel and award funding for two composite students who are either presenting papers or posters at the upcoming 2019 ANTEC® in Detroit Michigan. The award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The two winners will be selected based on a 250-word abstract describing their composite research. A panel of industry representatives serving on the Composite Division board will judge the submitted abstracts and select the two winners. Each winner will receive $1500 dollars for travel and award funding.

Note that the travel award will be forfeited if the student does not appear at ANTEC®; checks will only be issued after the student presents their work. To be considered, candidates must write a 250-word abstract on their research and complete the form below. The abstracts and form must be emailed before January 15, 2019 to grove.dale@hotmail.com (Awards Chair).