Learning Programs

Starting and mid-career engineers, managers, technicians, entrepreneurs and educators are in continuing need of updating or adding to their knowledge base in emerging materials, manufacturing and application development. The SPE Composites Division through its network of industry experts offers opportunities for industry to receive short courses and education in different topics. These workshops can be offered in flexible formats including:

  • 2-3 day format – on-site workshop for 10 or more participants
  • 2-3 day format – At participating universities for less than 10 participants which includes hands-on activities and manufacturing demonstrations for participants.
  • On-line (web-based) – flexible schedule

Companies can select sub-topics within a range of topics and the course module can be tailored to meet the company needs. Course options include:

  • Basics of Composites – fibers and fiber types, resins and resin types, thermosets, thermoplastics, materials selection, interface, cores, physical and mechanical properties
  • Mechanics and modeling with engineered plastics and composites – micromechanics, macromechanics, failure theories and finite element analysis of composites
  • Design and Application Development for light weighting of automotive, mass transit and truck components
  • Manufacturing Methods for Composites – fabric performing, thermoset RTM, VARTM, compression molding, filament winding etc., and thermoplastic manufacturing methods such as extrusion-compression, LFT, sheet thermoforming, etc.
  • Testing and Test Methodologies – ASTM, ISO, DIN and other related standards, test procedures for tension, flex, shear, compression, impact and other loading conditions, failure modes and data interpretation
  • Green Materials and Recycling Issues with Composites – natural fibers, bio-resins, manufacturing issues, durability, emerging recycling options with engineered plastics and composites

If you are interested in scheduling in any of these course options, please contact our Education Chair, Dr. Uday Vaidya at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). An assessment of your needs will help tailor the course content upon which a course fee will be determined. A number of experts from the SPE Composites Division Board of Directors and composites industry network serve as instructors for the courses based on specific needs. Continuing education credits (CEU credits) will be offered through SPE.