Process and Property Software Modeling Award

The SPE Composites BOD is considering an annual competition for schools to apply for Process and/or Performance modeling software. The need for modeling is growing in the overall industry and such a competition would enable schools to expand their training in industry relevant problem-solving. The details of this are being worked out and application details will be posted shortly to the SPE Composites website. The applicants would have to generate 50% cost share from their respective schools, with SPE Composites division will support 50% partial funding, with a cap amount. It is expected that two to three awards would be made per year. This will expand the network of users and train students from a wider range of schools. Examples of software include, but not limited to:- Hyperworks (Structural FEA), PAM-Form (Forming), PAM-RTM, RTMWorx (Liquid molding, VARTM), Sigmasoft (Fiber orientation, warpage, shrinkage), ANSYS/ABAQUS/Digimat (Lamination to Process Analysis), LS-DYNA (Impact, crashworthiness) etc. Comments and feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Contact the Education Chair for details.