Honored Members

Distinguished Members

The Distinguished Member grade is the most prestigious offered by SPE. According to the SPE Bylaws, to be elected a Distinguished Member, a candidate must be a member in good standing who has served as President of the Society or who, in the opinion of two-thirds of the Past Presidents voting, provided one-half of the surviving Past Presidents participate in the ballot, is deemed worthy of this status by virtue of outstanding achievement or professional eminence. List of SPE Distinguished members.

Year Member Position
2012 James Griffing SPE President

Fellow of the Society

Senior SPE Members are honored for their contributions in the field of plastics engineering, science or technology, or in the management of such activities. Sponsored by an SPE Division or Special Interest Group, candidates for Fellow must be Senior Members of the Society for six years. The Fellows Election Committee considers eligible candidates on the basis of a personal history as well as written sponsorships from two SPE members.  Only 309 members, including the new Fellows, have been awarded this prestigious title since it was introduced in 1984.  A member can be nominated using the SPE Fellow Application or using the Fellow links on the SPE International site.  Composites Division Fellows are:

Year Fellow Region
2013 Dr. Frank Henning Europe
2009 George Epstein Southern California
2008 Dr. Tim Osswald Milwaukee
2006 Dr. Enamul Haque Detroit
2006 Dr. Hatsuo Ishida Cleveland
2004 Jonathan S. Colton Southern
2004 Dr. Lawrence T. Drzal Detroit
2004 Eloisa Biasotto Mano Brazil
2004 Gad Marom Israel
1994 Daniel A. Scola Connecticut

Honored Service Members (HSM)

According to SPE Bylaws, “To be elected an Honored Service Member, a candidate shall have demonstrated long-term, outstanding service to, and support of, the Society and its objectives; shall be sponsored, in writing, by the Board of Directors of at least one Section or Division.”  Only 316 members, including these inductees, have been elected to this prestigious status since it was established in 1992.  A member can be nominated using the HSM Application along with the HSM Point Worksheet using the HSM Application Guide as reference or follow the links on the HSM Page of SPE International.  Composites Division HSM awardees are:

Year Awardee Section
2016 Antoine Rios Milwaukee
2013 Michael Connolly Detroit
2013 Creig Bowland Detroit
2010 James S. Griffing Pacific Northwest
2009 Dale Brosius Detroit
2009 Timothy D. Simko Michiana
2008 Dale Grove Ohio Firelands
2006 John Bernacki Rochester
2005 Richard D. Cowell Newark
2005 Nippani Rao Detroit
2003 Frederick Deans Detroit
2002 David Garrett Southern
2002 John Muzzy Southern
2001 Michael Kozak North Texas
1994 Daniel T. Buckley Hudson-Mohawk