Composites Person of the Year

The COMPOSITES PERSON OF THE YEAR award publicly acknowledges a contributor who has significantly aided the SPE Composites Division Board of Directors over the prior year. Nominations are reviewed by the Board of Directors and selected by the current Board Chair in consultation with the Awards Chair. Any Composites Division member can nominate a person making an important contribution to the Division. Nominations can be made by E-mail to the Division Chair, Chair-Elect or Awards Chair.

Please include the contact information for the submitter and nominee including name, professional affiliation, phone, E-mail address and their contribution for the prior year.

Previous winners of the SPE Composites Person of the Year award:


2016 Dr. Uday Vaidya CTO, IACMI
2012 Michael Connolly Huntsman
2011 Creig Bowland PPG
2010 Dale Brosius Quickstep Technologies
2009 Dale Grove
2008 Peggy Malnati Malnati and Associates
2007 Fred Deans Allied Composite Technologies
2006 James Griffing Boeing
2005 John Muzzy Georgia Institute of Technology
2004 Dan Buckley American GFM