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The Composite Division is actively seeking new sponsors for our Student Travel and Educator of the Year awards. The Student Travel award presently offers two $1500 dollar awards to enable students to attend ANTEC to either present a paper or poster, while the Educator of the Year Award offers a single $2500 payment to the best Educator of 2018. This is your company’s chance to support these worthwhile awards by sponsoring ½ to 2/3 of the awards amount. If you are interested, please contact the following Composite Division board members:


Teri Chouinard
Composite Division Newsletter Sponsor Chair
Tim Johnson
Composite Division Treasurer
Dr. Dale Grove
Composite Division Awards Chair

2018 Educator of the Year Award

The Composite Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers proudly recognizes Dr. Luyi Sun from the University of Connecticut as the 2018 Educator of the Year Award. What drew the judges’ attention to this candidate was the large number of students (50 undergraduate researchers / 7 Masters Students / and 12 PhD candidates) that have worked under Dr. Sun’s supervision, and the work that he has done in biopolymer, nanosheet, Li ion battery, spray coating, barrier, structural, fluoropolymer coating, and photocatalytic composites areas.


Dr. Luyi Sun Accepting the 2018 Educator of the Year


We hope to honor additional, well qualified Educators on the years to come, so if you are aware of such candidates, please enter them into 2019’s Educator of the Year award.


Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Dale A. Grove
Composite Division Awards Chair

2018 Travel Award Winners

It is with great pleasure that I announce the travel award winners for 2018: Connor Armstrong from the University of Maryland and Zhaogui Wang from Baylor University. Connor is presently striving for his Master’s degree as he studies the orientation behavior of carbon microfibers in 3D printing through divergent dies as well as self-healing thermoplastic composites, while Zhaogui plans to get a PhD as he models various fiber orientation models combined with different matrix constitutive algorithms including complex viscoelastic matrix models.


Connor Armstrong

Zhaogui Wang


I enjoyed meeting both of them, and I wish them continued success in their endeavors.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Dale A. Grove
Composite Division Awards Chair

Honors for our Board Members

Please join me in congratulating our esteemed Honoured Service Member, Dr. Uday Vaidya; below is the official notification.

Dr. Vaidya has been affiliated with with SPE for quite some time with major contributions beginning in 2001 as a faculty advisor for the student chapter at University of Alabama at Birmingham. In the past 17 years, he has taken on increasing roles of responsibility notably his role in ACCE since 2002 and his position as SPE-CD Education Chair since 2008. From the many programs directly attributed to Uday’s initiatives, it is estimated that he has overseen ~400 student posters and engaged ~700 students through educational workshops.

Uday, thank you for your longstanding service to the Society of Plastics Engineers Composites Division; congratulations on your recognition.

And also-

Please join me in congratulating one of SPE’s newest Fellows, Dr. Jack Gillespie; below is the official notification.

By way of a brief history, Jack has been working in composites for well over 35 years and has amassed an amazing 835 publications including 19 book/book chapters, 21 patents, 320 refereed journal papers and 475 proceeding papers. During this time he has advised more than 41 PhD and 56 master’s students. During this time he has been active in many technical societies, editorial boards, and advisory positions contributing his time and talent toward the betterment of the industry.

This recognition is long overdue and well-deserved.  Congratulations Jack!]


Kind regards,

Awards Chairman
Ian Swentek, PhD, PEng
Applications Development Engineer